This chef has worked for 5 star hotels across the globe and the only similarity that she found among the people across the globe was their gambling habit

Iris Caron (name changed) is a chef who claims that European food is the best for high energy, focus, memory, creativity and physical strength. Iris says that the European food is responsible for the Europe’s success and being called the first world.

Iris lived in Sindh and Gujarat for years where she worked as chef at different 5 star hotels. Iris says that import and export business is like a cultural thing in the Sindhi and Gujarati communities. Iris says that Sindhi and Gujarati people are emotionally very strong, never get hurt and believe in using the latest technology only. Iris says that Sindhi Muslims till date believe in Ramayana and Mahabharata and they respect the Hindu religion a lot as well.

Iris says that Volkswagen is missing a lot of business by not entering the Pakistani market. Iris claims that Volkswagen will perhaps be the most sold car brand in Pakistan if they ever enter there as the water next to the coastal cities like Karachi is so brine that most of the cars get rust only after a couple of years. As Volkswagen and Skoda give a 6 year non-proliferation warranty in India and Volkswagen and Skoda together sell the highest number of cars in Mumbai, if they do the same in Pakistan, they will be the most sold car brand in Karachi, Pakistan as well.

Iris says that there are tons of conspiracy theorists in Pakistan and there are tons of online gamblers as well there. Iris says that Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188) is so popular in Pakistan that it gets as much amount of visitors from Pakistan as from Indonesia.

One conspiracy theorist in Pakistan told Iris that USA has some secret bombs and missiles which even Donald Trump doesn’t know about. He claimed that these bombs and missiles are a lot more destructive than the nuclear weapons.

Would you enjoy heated debates more than bandar bola if bandar bola had made you millions?

Jena Firby (name changed) is an engineering student who is a fruitarian planning to move to South Africa to implement her business idea and then ultimately spread it throughout the African continent.

Jena wears only red shirt and white trousers. She is not a communist, but she follows Steve Jobs in her time-saving schedule and her favorite colors are red and white.

Jena enjoys heated debates even more than betting on bandar bola.

Jena sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she says that the USA has invested trillions in counter-terrorism but most of that money is in the Swiss accounts of the agents involved.

Jena recently helped the cops catch a Mumbai man who would rape his own wife and upload the videos on porn sites.

Jena is the proud owner of a department store that generates millions in revenues but has no branches. The store was founded by Jena’s grandfather who was very intelligent throughout his life but became a mental patient in his last days.

Jena has done an extensive research on finding the roots of the Arab people. Jena says that there was no similarity till 1000 years ago between the Hebrew and Arabic language and that’s more than adequate to believe that Arabs are not Semitic people. Jena is also not willing to believe that Arabs have anything to do with Ishmael’s mother – Hagar.

Jena’s brother – Vladislav has emerged as one of the most successful and gorgeous businessmen of the Russian origin in America. He works out everyday and is very fit and healthy. Vladislav surrounds himself with ‘Yes Girls’ and ‘Yes Boys’ because of his handsome looks. Many men and women feel envious of Vladislav. Vladislav prefers hot hatches over the large luxury SUVs, Sedans or Sports cars.

Jorani bought several cars but none of those is German, Jorani never toured any other country than India

Jorani Michaels (name changed) never buys made in Germany cars as she fears that some Jewish or Muslim engineer may fit a bomb in it. Jorani hates Volkswagen like nothing else, she claims that Volkswagen will soon disappear if they keep trying to enforce their overrated and over-exaggerated German over-engineering to the customers and prospects.

Jorani might sound like a hardcore Zionist to many which she is not when she claims that the Mercedes was founded by a Jew whom Karl Benz, the so-called fake founder of Mercedes killed and stole his technology.

Once when Jorani was in India, she went to an Indian funeral where she was amazed to see that the Hindu people burn their dead ones instead of feeding them to the animals like the Zoroastrianists do or bury them like the believers of the Abrahamic religions do. Jorani dared to ask the question “Why do guys bury your dead ones?” Some Hindu Pandits (priests) told her that many dead ones that were buried in the prehistoric times in India used to turn into evil beings due to the land of India being so perfectly arable. This priest told Jorani that this burning ritual has more to do with the arability of the land of India than its religion. This priest also told Jorani that several aghoris (cannibal sadhus of India) eat buried ones believing that it is a good karma as they fear that those dead Muslims might turn into ghosts or some such thing.

Jorani interviewed many aghoris after learning about these people in India. She concluded that all of the aghoris that she interviewed lacked fundamental rationality about most basic things except the one who told Jorani about Steve Chu blog with the help of which, Jorani is now making thousands of dollars a month with FIFA55 gambling.

Daughter of the most famous scientist from Kentucky is a millionaire off online betting

Mindy Harper (name changed) is the daughter of one of the most popular NASA scientist ever and perhaps the most infamous from the state of Kentucky. Mindy herself is a civil engineer with excellent credentials who completed her education in Bangalore, India.

After learning that billions of dollars have been poured in the most beautiful Southeast Asian country Thailand’s economy by the gambling industry, Mindy decided to start her own online gambling career with the help of blogs like Armagh War Memorial.

Mindy has made so much money with betting online that she recently inaugurated her multinational company that manufactures and sells V-shaped underwears for men and women. Mindy is currently busy building an online store for her underwear company, she wants her online store to have the best premium feel.

Mindy never bought a petrol hybrid engines car. She says that no matter how hard they try to advance their hybrid petrol cars, diesel engine cars are always going to be a better buy. Mindy owns and drives only Isuzus when it comes to buying a vehicle with a diesel engine including a 2001 Isuzu Axiom.

Mindy’s ultimate aim is to become the dictator of USA. She claims that only a honest and moral dictator like herself can make America great again.

Mindy claims that ex-British Prime Minister – Tony Blair has millions invested in Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Mindy sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that Israel will take over the Palestine in a very dramatic way which nobody is expecting right now. She says that the government of Israel is working on several different secret plans which nobody knows about, not even anyone in America, including Zionist Jews.

Mindy’s best friend is a male spy who was raised by deadbeat parents. This guy has a thing for romance, high life, money, cars, women and boats.

Jayden claims that cleansing her karma everyday is the secret behind her good luck

Jayden Twain (name changed) claims that there are tons of hidden Shamans (people able to communicate with good and evil spirits) in Europe and USA which most people don’t know about. Jayden herself is very much interested in spirituality, she believes in karmic bondages, cleansing her karma time to time and lots of similar stuff.

Jayden is a car enthusiast who has a habit of making predictions about the car world, like she claims that Hyundai’s main USP in the coming times will be what is its biggest weakness currently – Handling (the way their cars steer). Jayden says that the Porsche will be the Toyota (the highest selling car brand) of the 2050s as the people then will prefer the joy of sheer driving and fun over everything else and they will have enough money for the same.

Jayden makes thousands of dollars a day with online gambling agents (agen judi).

Jayden owns several dating blogs and websites that feature guest articles.

Jayden is a firm believer of occult practices. She cleanses her karma everyday. She wears nothing but Levi’s. She loves Pakistani kebabs.

Jayden claims that Aspartame makes her more sexual and beautiful. She never forgets to drink tons of Red Bulls and Diet Pepsi on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Jayden says that only morons get excited enough to forget to use precautions while making love and then get an unwanted baby or a STD as a result.

Jayden’s husband is a software engineer who has been trying to build an innovative and most advanced internet browser ever which he claims will be the best ever, he is planning to name it “Brown Hair”.

Jayden and her husband both find it more fun to stay at budget hotels than the luxury ones. They both also prefer older cars to the new ones.

An amateur psychologist blogger, a businesswoman and an online gambler – Udaysah Hood couldn’t be any happier

Udaysah Hood (name changed) is an amateur psychologist who claims that the lechers mostly do what they do for groundless reasons.

Udaysah is the proud owner of a straw manufacturing company. Udaysah used to work as a driver for a Motel in Hawaii only 5 years ago. Udaysah life changed when she learnt about trusted online casino websites like

Udaysah recently bought a Super Tata Nano car imported from India. Udaysah’s Super Tata Nano is the only one in the all of USA.

Udaysah claims that the door locks in the older cars were far better than the ones in the new cars.

Udaysah claims that the first ever Quran was written in the Spain during the era of Arab rule there. Udaysah also claims that the first ever Quran was written in the Spanish language.

Udaysah claims that the carbonated drinks are doing a lot more harm than the scientists and doctors are aware of and perhaps will ever be aware of. Udaysah says that the sales of carbonated drinks must be stopped by the governments.

Udaysah has an obsession with reading and watching serial killers. She named both her male dogs after the notorious and ugly serial killers of India – Ranga and Billa. Her friends cannot even pronounce the name neither can Udaysah’s husband. Udaysah says that she couldn’t care less about her husband about pronouncing the name wrong, she says that the only thing that she cares about when it comes to her husband is about how good is he at pounding.

Udaysah is very fond of Cassata Ice Cream.

Udaysah’s husband is the proud owner of a clothing company named “Rinigamma”. Rinigamma charges minimum possible prices for its clothes without making any sort of compromises in raw material and makes his clothes look the classiest possible.

There will be a war between India and Pakistan and the only victors will be the gamblers

Edwina Barbados (name changed) claims that there will be a war between India and Pakistan before the Indian General Elections of 2019. Edwina claims that the elections in India are all fixed from the year 2016 on but as the Indian public is already very skeptical about the elections being rigged, the current Indian government and its opposition (both are the stooges of the US and Europe) are trying their best to make sure to the public that the elections are not rigged. Edwina claims that 25-30% of the Indian public is unemployed and most of these unemployed people are so fond of a war between India and Pakistan that they will do anything to see one. Edwina claims that the current Indian government will wage a war against its neighboring nation Pakistan to spin the bottle and make the current Indian government win the elections again.

Edwina claims that the war will do several things at once for the United States and Western European countries for whom the governments of India and Pakistan work. First, it will shoot up the sales of their arsenals. Second, it will create a belief among most of the Indians that the elections in India are not rigged. Third, it will create an inferiority complex in the people of Pakistan as they have already lost several wars with India. Fourth, as Pakistan is a military state and even though being a military state it has always failed to win any war that it ever fought which only has made people of Pakistan ask for nations according to race and language, those movements will catch the fuel and the ‘Free Balochistan’, ‘Free Pakhtunistan’ and ‘Free Sindhudesh’ movement will pick up a new pace.

Anyways, Edwina couldn’t care less about this stuff as she is currently busy winning tons of dollars at

Anka Gulati’s Punjabi rap verse that she wrote after winning a bet will burst the brain of the Punjabis

Anka Gulati (name changed) is a Punjabi Khatri woman who came to the United States when she was 19 to study but decided to settle down here forever after coming here. Anka’s most favorite hobby is writing songs and betting online on trusted websites like

Anka recently wrote this Punjabi rap song:-

“Likhda main geet, na nede mere meet,

Youtube utte comedy karda Umer Shareef.

Meri akhaan vich gussa, meri akhaan ne laal,

Padoso mera bin gal de paunda jaanda dhamaal.

Meri bebe mainu kehndi putt kha le tu papita,

Kha le ban ja tu Cheetah.

Purani Duster, hath vich mere plaster,

Yaar mainu kehnde na kar tu koi fikar,

Ki ae ve mere muqaddar,

Lai ke saunda main phatti hui chaddar,

Jagah jagah khaanva main chittar,

Jede rehnde mere upar bajaunde mainu littar,

Tutta hoya ve chappar,

Thale rakh apniyan lataan,

Tainu pyaar naal dasaan piche mudh ke main na takaan,

Weight kar lose lagada hain Manhoos,

Main haan Yogi Ichadhari ti hain kanya kunwari,

Laiye maze baari baari,

Taunu raun di bimaari,

Lai doon tujhe peeli saree,

Lamborghini aur Rolls Royce mere liye jaise toys,

Mujhe paida karke de Bal Gopal chahe peele hon ya laal,

Tu hai totta maal, main hoon Harvard ka topper,

Leke ghumoon chopper – 15 Helicopter,

Aaja hawa mein khila doon tujhe Ferraro Rocher Testoni Loafers,

Lambi qataar, Gadkari mera yaar,

Hum dono 4 doodh peeke maarein dakaar,

Fit nahin aande kisi car,

Chahiye girlfriend moti jo rakhe baal ya baandhe choti,

Be painde ke lauti, koi fikar nahin hoti.

Mainu milan aaya Mukesh Ambani,

Taakat di goliyan paavan main boliyan,

Aaya ve bhuchal utton jawaal,

Hauli hauli lutdiyan husnan diyan sarkaran,

Bathroom de vich chalda ve shower main nachda jivein Shiamak Davar.”

Misha Bagel is the daughter of an Indian dentist who loves to read, drive vintage cars and bet online

Misha Bagel (name changed) has a bad addiction of reading newspaper before sleeping; each day after waking up late Misha takes a vow of never touching the newspaper again unless she really needs to read it but she fails it each time.

Misha is an Indian who has been living in Tijuana, Mexico for the past 5 years. Misha claims that the late Indian Prime Minister – Indira Gandhi wanted to make condoms free for the Indian public to reduce/control the population of India but her Sanjay Gandhi took charge and ruined everything by implementing enforced vasectomy on men (mainly in the slum and poor neighborhoods). Misha says that it was the beginning of the end of the Indian National Congress Political Party and the Nehru-Gandhi family’s unchecked dictatorship and its “blind” followers’s trust on it.

Misha’s mother is a dentist who is unfit to run a clinic or work at a hospital anymore but she loves her profession so much that she answers dental related questions on Reddit, Quora and Yahoo all the time.

Misha loves her cars vintage and she owns many vintage cars presently including a 1967 Chevrolet Camero and a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. Misha told me that she is not obsessed with Chevy at all but she bought these 2 cars because she got great deals on these two.

Misha finds socialism to be the worst form of political system and she likes to call the pro-socialists as sociopaths that love slavery. Misha could never make her fortune with fairgo casino if she were living in a socialist country, especially the India of the 1970s and 1980s.

Misha loves to read all the time, her most favorite novel ever is Karma by Cathy Ostlere, it may sound funny to many that Misha doesn’t love this novel because of its content but because it is too easy and fun to read because of the way it is written.

Misha always keeps a tiny book or novel in her pocket to read in spare time.

Ferrari can never build hybrid cars as good as Nissan or Honda, claims a proud Acura MDX owner

Avery Carrington (name changed) has lived in North India for a year and she hated living in this state of India called Uttar Pradesh abbreviated as UP. Avery says that the Jaat and Gurjar dominated areas in the Uttar Pradesh are full of negative vibes.

Avery recently wrote a book  with the name “God – A Illusion of the man or his strategy to keep the homo sapien a slave”, in which she wrote that we used to be cavemen once is quite evident from the completely flawed and immoral biblical characters.

Avery also wrote in the same book that the word ‘eunuch’ has nothing to do with the biblical character ‘enoch’ (the son of Abel and Cain) as is generally perceived by many.

Avery is currently building an online book store which she claims will give Amazon Kindle a run for its money.

Avery recently sponsored a survey trying to point out what makes successful people different from the unsuccessful ones. The thing that surprised Avery the most was that successful people eat a lot more seafood, eggs and avocados than their unsuccessful counterparts.

Avery’s elder sister was one of the first people to propose the idea of creating wireless chargers.

Avery claims that the people responsible for running the world have created a technology and strategy to put unspeakable humiliation on the ones who ever dare to speak the truth in the future.

Avery says that Ferrari’s claim that their upcoming hybrid cars will be as good as as their current models is an absolute lie. Avery says that there is no way that Ferrari can build a hybrid car as good as any of their Japanese counterpart. Avery counts Acura and Nissan as Ferrari’s rival as they have cars like NSX and GT-R.

Avery recently bought an Acura MDX with the money she won with betting on online casinos with the support and help of casino bonus codes.

Donald Trump is evil, video games increase intelligence and concentration, betting on Poker is the most fun activity – Hisako Utkina

Hisako Utkina (name changed) claims that Donald Trump is Lucifer aka Iblees personified. Hisako claims that Donald Trump was born through asexual birth while all his siblings were born normally. Hisako says that nobody in her family including his father and mother are or were ever aware of the fact that Donald Trump is Iblees in reality. Hisako says that Donald Trump’s extraordinary boldness and other stupid acts are a mere show to disguise himself as a stupid billionaire but in reality he is determined to destroy the peaceful human civilization and human beings.

Hisako claims that Donald Trump is able to communicate with angels and demons and he has this hypnotizing ability to first lure men and women to talk to him believing that he is stupid and then make them work for him.

Hisako claims that Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron, Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin and several other global leaders have been successfully hypnotized by Donald Trump and they are all doing whatever Trump has been commanding them to.

Hisako claims that refined oil is the work of the Satan which is responsible for reducing the intelligence level of the masses (both males and females).

Hisako plays video games for hours a day and she claims that video games are responsible for reducing the violence contrary to the popular belief that video games are responsible for increasing the violence. Hisako claims that playing video games regularly increases one’s intelligence and she says that television media shows far more violence than the video games. Hisako claims that it is mainstream media’s conspiracy and agenda to depict video games as evil so that the video game players turn to television to chill. Hisako says that the mainstream media and its bosses have an agenda to turn people into sexuality, nudity and masturbation addicts and it is quite evident from the way they have been doing their best to show over-sexualization and turning sex and nudity into some sort of a god or heaven which it is not.

Hisako loves to gamble on Poker88Asia in her pastime and she says that it is even more addictive and fun to her than the video games.

Qadira Bedford doesn’t drive faux SUVs but she owns 15 station wagons all painted half-blue and half-red

Qadira Bedford (name changed) claims that most modern Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are faux SUVs, there are only a few real SUVs including Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Isuzu MUX, Toyota Landcruiser, Ford Everest, Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee. Qadira says that most other SUVs are just station wagons (estates) with a seating capacity of 7, looking at it, Qadira says that Volvo can make the best SUVs as they are experts at making quality station wagons.

Qadira is a conspiracy theorist as well who claims that Mitsubishi isn’t controlled by the Illuminati and that’s why it has been destroyed completely even though it still has some of the best vehicles in its lot.

One of Qadira’s brothers – Rehan died in a rocky mountain off-road stunt. All of Rehan’s friends came out safe, only the poor Rehan’s luck was bad that day. Qadira starts crying whenever she hears the word Rehan. Qadira says that her brother could have been saved if he were driving a safer car and one of the real SUVs and not a faux one. I wouldn’t like to name the SUV that Rehan was driving here but I personally agree with Qadira when she says that he wouldn’t have died if he were driving a safer and more robust SUV.

Qadira claims that dietary supplements give her a brain fog. Qadira says that she has tried different supplement brands including Vitamin Shoppe, GNC and many others but they all gave her the same side effects. Qadira even tried ancient Chinese, Ayurvedic supplements imported from India and even some Arab supplements but nothing seemed to work without giving Qadira any side effects.

Qadira owns 15 cars and they are all painted half-blue and half-red like Qadira’s favorite QQ online website – JayaPoker. Qadira made millions with betting on JayaPoker and those blue and red cars are sort of a tribute to the JayaPoker.

Gambling = Success, you just need to find the right agents like Marta Craven did

Marta Craven (name changed) used to work as a toilet cleaner just about until 3 years ago and while working as a toilet cleaner she got the idea to develop a toilet cleaning liquid that is unparalleled in quality and quite innovative in its own way. Marta didn’t have enough money to create her own product as she was an ordinary toilet cleaner who worked for a meager wage of 8 dollar an hour. Marta knew that if she develops this product, she will be an overnight success and she was ready to do whatever it takes to get the money to develop this toilet cleaning liquid, she asked her friends some ways to make a quick buck, most of them told her some stupid ideas but a very few of her friends, especially the females older than her told her that finding a trusted TOTO agent (Agen Toto Terpercaya) and betting on TOTO websites is the sure-shot way to get what she was looking for. Marta did the same and here she is, a multi-millionaire woman and a celebrity in her own way. Marta invested each and every penny that she won with TOTO in her innovative business and her hard-work really payed her off.

Marta is not merely a businesswoman, she is a very interesting and intelligent human being as well. Marta has some interesting ideas and theories to tell like she says that Fox is wrongly credited as the most clever animal whereas in reality, the bat is the most clever and intelligent of them all.

Marta says that she has noticed several similar traits and characteristics in wild bears and cattle. Marta says that wild bears including polar, pandas, sloths and others have all been evoluted from different species of cattle. Marta says that she will explain more in an upcoming blog post of hers which she is going to publish on 21st of this month. I will most definitely paste an excerpt from that post here on my blog.

Meditation is harmful and can get you indebted, football gambling websites are beneficial and will get you out of the debt

Ariel Chorley (name changed) claims that dome shaped architecture and dome shaped buildings were once a symbol of civilization. Ariel says that she has read a lot of medieval and pre-medieval history and the architects that weren’t able to create dome shaped structures used to envy the architects that could create dome shaped structures like Donald Trump envies Bill Clinton.

Ariel’s best friend – Balraj (an Indian-American) is a gay who has been trying hard to change his sexual orientation since he learnt how god destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; the cities that were almost entirely involved in homosexual activities in the biblical times.

Ariel’s grandfather was one of the most prominent bicycle manufacturers of all times. Ariel always has a chip on her shoulder that she has the DNA of such a legendary, strong and revolutionary man.

Ariel says that she has personally observed that handsome men have good hearts while the ones who are not do not have it.

Ariel doubts that most of the modern car magazines are commercially biased including most of the big ones.

Ariel says that religious people can never be innovative and the people who think about innovations all the time can never be religious.

Ariel hates Buddhism a lot as she was hugely involved in the same at one point of time and it made her meditate so much that she stopped focusing on her business and ended up becoming indebted. Ariel says that meditation gives the same effect to the brain as the drugs do, Ariel says that meditation doesn’t take your worries away but makes you forget you about the same which is bad for the long-term.

Ariel has got out of her debts since she started gambling on official football gambling websites (situs judi bola resmi).

Amy is one of the biggest shareholders in Japanese motorbike companies while her sister Remy is an architectural genius

Amy Adwell (name changed) is the daughter of a mechanic but is now one of the major shareholders in the Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki Motors. Amy didn’t become so rich after marrying a multi-millionaire, billionaire or by working hard in an unconventional way but rather she became rich by gambling on several different websites and the most prominent of all those websites is the ufabet.

Amy’s sister – Remy is also a millionaire but she made her way to those millions with architecturing buildings, houses, hotels and restaurants. Remy has won a number of awards for her contribution to the architecture and her whole family is proud of her talent and skill in architecture.

Remy wants to get married soon enough but she wants to keep it a secret affair, Remy hates the modern conventional marriages for being so loud and not confidential at all.

Remy is sort of a conspiracy theorist as well and she claims that the Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi is an agent of the America’s CIA. Remy says that the biggest reason why Narendra Modi took the step of demonetization was to popularize Bitcoins in India and make the Indians store their monthly and annual savings in form of Bitcoins. Remy claims that the real founder and owner of the bitcoin is the CIA and the creation of bitcoin at the time when the entire world was going through a recession really has something to do with it.

Remy is not the sort of a conspiracy theorist who will claim that the bike accident that broke your knees is part of a Jewish conspiracy. Let me tell you that Remy and Amy’s one and only brother – Paul once broke both her knees in a road accident while over-speeding his bike and I swear that Remy didn’t say once that it was a part of any conspiracy.

Esme Harb refutes several claims of the Islamic scholars including that gambling, banking, pools and lotteries are haram

Esme Harb (name changed) is a young author who claims that political parties across the world today are nothing but cartels. Esme is of the belief that monarchies and dictatorships are better than the democracy, nevertheless Esme doesn’t forget to point out the flaws of the monarchies and dictatorships but she claims that monarchies and dictatorships are overall better nevertheless.

Esme is half-Turkish and half-Arabic but she says that she never felt like a foreigner in the Kansas state of USA. Esme denies the claim that USA is not secular, Esme says that she is not willing to ever leave USA no matter what. Esme once even went on to write that no money in the world can bring her the happiness that identifying herself as an American and living in America brings to her.

Esme is an amateur when it comes to the Quran and several other Muslim texts but she says that she is certain about the fact that 3 ruling states that the Muslim scholars talk about being mentioned in the Quran to be London, Washington and Jerusalem before the end of the world are wrong. Esme says that the 3 ruling states mentioned in the Quran rather are Persia, Rome and Tokyo. Esme says that she is writing a whole book about this subject and the book will be available on Amazon and eBay by the end of the March, 2019.

Esme rejects the claims by the Imams, Muftis and other Muslim scholars that banking, betting, lotteries and gambling are haram in Islam. Esme says that the more she gambles or buys lotteries or pool tickets, the more Allah loves her, Esme claims to have bought and won more data SGP than ever before in 2018 and she says that Allah blessed her with more luck not only in terms of financial wealth but health and happiness as well contrary to the popular belief popularized by the Muftis, Imams and other so-called Islamic scholars that even if lotteries or gambling make you rich by chance, they will take away your health and the happiness.

Gruna Bret parted her ways from her family business just because she found the way to make a bank with blogging

Gruna Bret (name changed) had parting of ways between her and her family business. Gruna couldn’t dare take this step before finding out how to make money blogging.

Gruna recently enjoyed a trip to India where she noticed things she never noticed anywhere else before. She saw a fake sadhu there who was begging as a Hindu sadhu on the red lights and then he was found worshiping in a mosque, in other words, this fake sadhu was indeed a Muslim who was pretending to be a Hindu sadhu.

Gruna is a very open-minded woman and she lets her husband have fun with other women. Her husband recently called an escort agency which sent her the picture of another escort than the one that they really had. The funniest thing was that the escort that showed up look even better than the one in the pictures. Gruna was really happy for her husband that he had a great time with her.

Gruna is writing her first book which will be available only as a paperback, the name of her book will be “From traveling on camels to Jaguars”, the book is about how the oil made the Arabs rich and how it changed their lifestyles and turned more than half of them to atheists from strict Sunni Muslims.

One of Gruna’s close friends is an Arab who used to own a coal and wood selling business in Saudi Arabia but with his newfound oil money, he moved to the United States forever and founded a bumper and windows creation business. Gruna says that this guy is still a strict Sunni Muslim who doesn’t even play the game of golf or cricket just because it is haram (prohibited) in Islam.

Moving to Libya from Ireland might sound retarded to most but it can turn into a goldmine for some

Julia Quinn (name changed) is one of the friendliest Libyans that you have never met. Julia was born to an Irish couple in the city of Waterford but she migrated to Tripoli, Libya as her business plan was only applicable there. Julia expected to make billions within a decade with her business idea but somehow she has only been able to make millions. She has promised her friends, family and herself that she will become a billionaire by 2025.

Julia is one daring woman and it is evident from her migrating to a country like Libya from a so-called heaven – Ireland with nothing but a business plan.

Julia’s daring and courage is not merely evident from her decision of moving from Ireland to Libya, but it is evident from almost each and everything that she does including making bold claims publicly like “Moammar Gaddafi was killed by the United States of America in alliance with the state of Saudi Arabia”.

Julia claims that the United States of America is the real brain behind most of what has been going in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, Eurasian countries and South Korea for the past few decades. Julia says that the mainstream media will tell you that these are mere conspiracies whereas what the mainstream media shows us is the conspiracy and what they allege to be conspiracies are the realities.

Julia is a student of history and she says that many historians throughout the history have confused the black death with the flood and the flood with the black death (plague). Julia says that the plague was never as widespread as it is believed to be and more than half of the deaths reported to be caused by the plague in reality happened because of the flood.

Julia is not scared to accept that Golden Zero is responsible for 30% of her income and she is proud of this fact instead.

Once a victim of domestic violence, now a successful businesswoman and gambler

Edith Marciano (name changed) is always accused of thinking very highly of herself which she always denies.

Edith says that her ex-husband never used to feel even guilty after beating the shit outta her. Edith says that her ex-husband used to physically abuse her almost every day.

Edith claims that domestic violence brings bad luck to not only the home that it does happen in but also people living within 5 acres of that area. Edith says that all the people that lived around her house back when she used to get physically abused by her husband all the time used to be poverty stricken, diseased and overall unhappy but as soon as she divorced that idiot and he sold that house out to some decent black family, the neighborhood started getting rich and happy. Edith hates that area so much but she had to travel through that area for some business recently and she was amazed to see German, Swedish and English cars everywhere around, the only cars that used to be there were Chevys, Fords, Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans before and that too the older ones.

Edith herself drives a Kia Stinger and a Volvo XC60 which she bought with the money she made with her business and Hongkong Pools.

Edith attributes most of her success to setting short-term goals of 180 days and long term-goals of 5 years but she is yet to reach that long-term goal mark since she started setting those.

Edith claims that drinking 8 mugs of black coffee a day turns her into a genius greater than Einstein himself, the only difference between Edith and Einstein is that Einstein was a scientist whereas Edith is a businesswoman, another difference is that Einstein was a male whereas Edith is a female.

Frida Mitsoko loves Thailand, Buddhism, Gambling and her brother – Clarence loves Abrahamic religions and chastity

Frida Mitsoko (name changed) plays the game called PUBG like a savage. Frida was never such a gamer before, the only game that she liked before was the GTA Liberty City but she didn’t play that like a savage though she was a child back then.

Frida has some strange observations or beliefs like she claims that gay people have higher IQ than their straight counterparts. Frida says that people with my way or the highway approach need mental or psychological treatment rather than a following.

Frida is a great believer of the Buddhism and to understand Buddhism and Buddhists more, she reads blogs like fitjung regularly.

Frida has a brother named Clarence. Clarence claims that self-discipline and self-control are the most underrated qualities in the modern times. He recently tried to commit suicide because he failed the No Nut November (a NoFap challenge).

Clarence claims that instead of getting more wise, a person becomes more stupid with age if he/she grows up with stupid and unpleasant people around.

Clarence also that relationships can make a person stronger or worse depending upon the kind of the person that you are in a relationship with and several other factors.

Clarence doubts that he is an illegitimate child because he doesn’t look like his father and his mother looks too slutty to never cheat on her husband.

Clarence says that Dutch people are the fittest for DJing and composing music.

Clarence claims that during the ancient times and before the Muslims took control of Persia, Persian people used to be the most indulgent people on earth.

Clarence says that the current day Saudi Arabia is just like the city of Sodom back in Abraham’s time. He says the people indulge in vices with their easy earned wealth all the time in Saudi Arabia just like they did in Sodom back in the day.

Conspiracy theorist and successful online gambling network owner – Cadenza Losco is one of a kind

Cadenza Losco (name changed) claims that Ben Shapiro is an Illuminati agent who has been hired by the conglomerate that runs the world to make the world believe that Jews have nothing to do with what is going on in the world today and they themselves are scapegoats. Most of you must be aware of the fact that Jews are behind the feminist revolution and Ben Shapiro is a Jew himself who speaks the most against the feminism and feminists.

Cadenza also says that Ben Shapiro speaks a lot against the black crime and says that black people themselves are responsible for what is going on with them, Cadenza says that we know very well that Jews on the other hand are putting the blacks on the pedestal telling them all the time that they are the greatest victims of the Christians and White people in general. Cadenza says that Jews have been trying their best to impress the right-wingers and Ben Shapiro has been hired for the same task.

Anyways, let us tell you more about Cadenza, Cadenza is a Maltese woman from the city of Valletta. Cadenza lived in the United States for a while and she was one of the best and the most skillful programmers on eBay back in the day before she started her own business. Cadenza owns a very large and successful online gambling network today that employs over 170 people. Cadenza says that it wasn’t possible to become as successful as she now without the help of

It never crossed Cadenza’s mind before that she can offer free spins to the clients to make ensure them of the honesty and originality of her online casinos. Cadenza cannot thank free spins bonus list blog enough.

One sister is filthy rich, the other one is struggling but both agree upon 2 things each time

Terri Bardoli (name changed) is so rich that she now owns a hotel in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, India. Terri made all this money with eBay and jasapoker. You wont’ find many people telling you that they made millions with their small eBay business or by gambling online but Terri is really something, making millions with eBay requires you to be a genius and to make the same with gambling requires you to be extremely lucky, fortunately, Terri is both –  she is a lucky genius.

Terri’s sister – Edwina sells voiceover services on websites like SEOClerks, Fiverr and PeoplePerHour, Terri has advised her to stop selling herself for pennies and become someone like herself, Edwina replied very harshly to Terri each time Terri tried to give her the advice and that’s why Terri doesn’t give any advice to Edwina anymore.

For Terri – the world is all sunshine and rainbows but for Edwina – the world is all thorns and miseries and we are all slaves of Satan.

Edwina says that she can foretell the future of the entire world’s economy and it is not so good. She says that there will not be a middle-income group left in the entire world by 2050, the topmost successful people will be trillionaires and the rest will struggle to survive.

Terri and Edwina’s great-grandfather was one of the most infamous heroic soldiers of World War 2 whom I wouldn’t name here but I can give you a hint that his name started with the letter “G”.

One of the two things that both Edwina and Terri agree upon is that their great-grandfather was more heroic and wise than he is believed to be and the other thing that they both agree upon is that America is overrated and Europeans are in better condition overall than they are believed to be (much better than the Americans).

A huge online gambling network owner – Melissa Fisher still drives a Fiat 500X

Melissa Fisher (name changed) does everything possible that ensures her success in financial life, like she never had an idea that she can ever get involved in an online gambling business but she did and she did it better than she herself expected. She never knew that an online gambling business started with a little investment will be able to take her so far in life.

Melissa says that intelligence is not what determines success but persistence and determination do guarantee success.

Melissa wants to be the owner of one of the Fortune 500 companies one day. She has studied the top financial, motivational experts’s material and she says that she has all the qualities required to reach the top.

Melissa has this peculiar capability of revising each and every business plan carefully. Since her teenage years, Melissa has always strived hard enough to be a great success in life but it is only when she learnt that some chunks of guilt from the past were killing all her productivity that she started getting success in her business life.

Melissa was born to a struggling physiologist father who didn’t have enough skills to market himself and he wasn’t willing to work for a hospital either, he wanted to be completely independent and that’s what he did. He stayed independent and free of patients. Melissa’s mother worked at a department store as a store manager.

One of the secrets of Melissa’s success is her great attitude towards life. She looks for something good in everything bad. Even after being a huge financial success, she still drives a Fiat 500X.

View more to know how you can be a great online gambling success like Melissa Fisher.

Neelam Parjhai’s story is a lot more than rags to riches, a lot more indeed

Neelam Parjhai (name changed) was born in a 2 bedroom apartment of Geeta Colony, East Delhi. Her father was an alcoholic who would her mother every day of the week. She was born and raised in poverty. She went to the worst school in the vicinity. Her teachers in the school would tell her that she is too good for the school and she should ask her parents to change her school, Neelam would go back home and tell her parents as her teacher guided her but she would get beaten for the same.

Neelam grew up malnourished, she would wear the clothes that her elder cousins would stop wearing. She was the shortest in the class and also the physically weakest.

Neelam had an elder sibling whose story was also the same, he too was the shortest in his class, physically weakest and he too would wear the clothes that didn’t fit his cousins anymore.

When Neelam was 12, her father started pimping her mother forcefully and after a while, her mother started enjoying it too. When Neelam was 13, she got raped by a male cousin of her who was 5 years older than her. Neelam never told about the incident to anyone except a female cousin of her who was 8 years older than her.

Neelam was 18 when she was sold out to a pimp by her father. The pimp would rape her whenever he didn’t have a client to serve. Fortunately, when Neelam was 21, she met a lovely client who only took her for her companionship for 3 days and 4 nights, he asked Neelam her whole story and decided to marry her after hearing that.

The guy is still with Neelam and he spends all his time with Neelam because he doesn’t have to go to work in the mornings, he just gambles online on FIFA55 websites and watches his cash multiply. Neelam reads about the latest gambling tips, tricks and techniques on blogs like state champs and gives him the best possible advice.

MAX Life Insurance Agent from India now speaks fluent Malay and bets regularly on ‘Situs Judi Bola’

Sonia Dhingra (name changed) is a Max Life Insurance Agent in New Delhi, India. Before becoming a life insurance agent, Sonia lived a very meager life, it was very hard for her to pay the school fee, she failed to pay up the school fee for her kids most of the times. She has 2 lovely daughters and both study at one of the best schools of East Delhi.

The only place that Sonia used to ever travel to before becoming a life insurance agent with MAX life insurance company was Vaisno Devi (a Hindu pilgrimage site). Since becoming a life insurance agent with the MAX company, she has been enjoying trips throughout the different Asian countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam.

I forgot to tell you that Sonia even met her husband during a trip to Vaishno Devi, they saw each other and instantly fell in love.

Sonia now speaks fluent English and she regularly bets on Malaysian online gambling websites (situs judi bola).

Sonia’s husband is a fitness freak who works out for 3 hours after the day he eats junk food. He eats big to stay big, he eats a lot of mutton, red meat, chicken soup, almonds and other healthy food. He recently replaced creatine with Muscle Tech Phase 8 Protein.

Everyday Sonia ends up eating junk food like pizza, burger and other even worse stuff and makes false promises to herself that from the next day on she will never touch that stuff.

According to Sonia’s husband, all the negative people he has met eat tons load of sugar and Sonia is lucky yet to haven’t turned like any of those.

Fitness freak, struggling entrepreneur, bet winner, meet Genana Bonnay

Genana Bonnay (name changed) drinks what she calls green shake everyday – 2 small apples, 1 bunch of cilantro, 1 cucumber, about 2 cups of water and lemon juice.

According to Genana, all the top business people that she knows follow the ten commandments as were told to Moses. She says that each of those top business people is an institution in himself/herself.

Genana works from her kitchen table presently but she hopes to reach the top as soon as possible and she has successfully started avoiding all the distractions, gossiping and the other stuff that she found was acting as a barrier to her success after watching a Jeff Bezos interview.

Genana is very clear about what she wants in her life, she doesn’t have any dilemmas or confusions.

Genana used to work for a 5 star hotel as a chef before starting her entrepreneurial journey and that’s when she learnt to make so many distinctive dishes including watermelon rinds shake for indigestion and gas.

Genana’s all time favorite dish is Tuna fish. She also loves pumpkin seeds, black chocolate, bananas and avocados. Even though she loves all that stuff, on the regular days Genana eats only eggs and cheese to bulk up.

Genana feels tempted to drink alcohol when she doesn’t workout, she doesn’t touch alcohol anymore no matter what but she certainly feels that urge on the days she doesn’t workout and that’s why she works out 7 days a week.

Genana’s most favorite hobby is gambling online and she doesn’t do it all alone, she invites all her friends to see her win the day she plans to gamble. When alone, the only gambling related thing that Genana does is reading gambling related blogs like the invisible string.

Meet Samara Vance – a Conspiracy theorist, Celebrity Culture Basher and Great Gambler

Samara Vance (name changed) claims that all the elections of the world are rigged and the decision about who is going to win the elections is made by a secret conglomeration whose heads live in Switzerland and Miami.

She says that she knows a son of a North Korean officer who keeps sending her the inside news through Facebook and Rocketchat. She says that she has honey trapped him with her sexy live chat and he will do whatever she asks him to do.

Samara also claims that the conviction of the popular English publicist – Max Clifford is a conspiracy to shut the mouth of anyone who ever dares to speak against the media and how they promote the celebrity culture. If you type ‘celebrity culture’ on the Youtube, you will find that Max Clifford’s videos in which he is giving talks in the Oxford University come on the top and that’s the reason why he is behind those bars. Samara says that all the celebrity news in the media is paid news and the celebrities whose vacations, pet deaths, death threats, new underwear, everything that the media popularizes pay the media monthly fee to do so. These media guys have monthly packages for these news.

When Samara is not busy discovering or researching new conspiracies, she is busy placing bets online, her favorite gambling websites are all FIFA55 and her favorite gambling blog is tadafumisato. Yes, she loves to read a lot of gambling related stuff too.

Samara denies the claim that Israel is the promised land, she has found a conspiracy there as well, according to Samara, the real promised land is Egypt and the Egyptians were the first Jews.

Chief Operating Officer, Motivational Speaker, Gambling Lover, Author and Conspiracy Theorist, meet the all American Ivanka Jolie

Ivanka Jolie (name changed) says that if she ever meets an extraordinarily person, most of the times they turn out to be a doctor, no matter which branch of medical field they are involved in – dentists, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, general practitioners, they are all boring.

Ivanka also claims that some of the dumbest people that she met were the soldiers or veterans. And she also claims that all the inventors that she is familiar with are sociopaths or zealous or both without exceptions.

Ivanka is against abortions, she says that if the child is born to a single mother or the parents cannot take care of it then the child must be sent to an adoption home instead and the government should focus on building more adoption homes rather than promoting contraceptives, abortions and masturbation.

Ivanka is a Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a multi-million dollar company. She is an amateur writer and a struggling motivational speaker too who has written several books on self-improvement and given motivational speeches only a couple of times in one major US company and that company is the one where she is the COO.

Ivanka is a conspiracy theorist too and she uses encrypted chat networks like rocketchat instead of Skype to discuss conspiracies and politics.

Ivanka’s brother – Jeffrey is a professional website developer with the stamina of a Pronghorn Antelope – he has developed over 2000 websites in less than 4 years which is really incredible. He loves to seek the women’s attention too, he says that his self-esteem goes through the roof whenever a woman stares at him.

Ivanka and Jeffrey both love to gamble online and they both are regular readers of blogs like skate dress warehouse.

Mercedes Bader loves chess and gambling

Mercedes Bader (name changed) is an Estonian chess player who seldom loses a game, she has never lost a game to any of her friends or family members. Mercedes has never participated in a national level game but she is willing to next year, I hope that she comes up a winner in each and every round.

Mercedes hates both nice and bad guys and says that they both are fake and phony which makes her disgust them. The last guy that Mercedes was dating had a gynecomastia and he thought that he was so smart that he could hide it by wearing a vest. Once when they were about to make out for the very first time, Mercedes undressed herself fully but that guy didn’t, he was still wearing that vest and when Mercedes started to take out that vest off of his body, he refrained and that made Mercedes try with more force only to discover that the guy has ugly moobs beneath that vest. Mercedes hates guys with gyno and more than that she hates deceivers, she doesn’t even wear makeup because she doesn’t want to turn into a deceiver.

Mercedes kicked that guy’s ass immediately, got dressed and never saw him again. Mercedes blocked him everywhere, on the Facebook, Whatsapp, on her phone, Instagram, you name it.

Mercedes’s name is Mercedes but she has no enthusiasm for cars. Once a local Estonian chess game competition was gifting a brand new BMW X3 to the winner but Mercedes didn’t even participate because the car didn’t interest her at all.

Anyways, along with playing Chess, Mercedes loves to play online gambling a lot. She is a member of several gambling websites and a reader of several different gambling blogs like rungpiti kennel.

Amateur Greek historian, self-help and biography writer made as much money with gambling as she did with her job

Chava Bialik (name changed) says that commercial books are mostly scams. She says that the real helpful content is hidden in the free books and if people want to read something that can bring about some significant change to their lives, they must read only free books. She says that most authors of free books feel free to share their private lives and they don’t care at all if their private life is turning into a public one – this is one of the reasons why she thinks that free books are the best.

Chava claims that she has read more thoughts, patterns, self-help material, results and methods in free books than commercial books.

Chava says that rich and poor are meaningless words and pointless, since they are very static. According to Chava, “Getting richer mindset and getting poor mindset should be explained as two concepts, they are the only existent things in the subject, and the Rich, Poor words are fallacious meaningless judgement.”

Chava loves to create sketches in the free time, she does it all the time she can. Chava is a WGTOW, she is leaving marriage, relationships, men, boys, all behind.

Chava is a self-proclaimed expert at some topics and one of those topics is height. She also loves to read a lot about the Greek history, she says that she knows all the stores and principles of the ancient Greeks. She has written a biography of Elon Musk as well which is available on the internet for free.

Chava loves online gambling and reading gambling blogs like pro edelstar. She has made almost as much money with gambling as she did working at her job.

She loves chicken soup, gambling online and flaunting her body

Rosie Carr (name changed) is an ex-vegan who hates the vegan people and the vegan culture. She claims that nothing did her more harm than her vegan diet. Rosie used to drink a lot of chicken soup before becoming a vegan and while Rosie somehow knew that it is a nectar for herself, the others including some doctors and people whom she considered as very knowledgeable and intelligent told her that it is very harmful for health. Rosie makes her living online and as you may be aware of the fact that making money online is not that easy, you need to be extremely creative for the same. Rosie lost all her creative powers and extraordinary intelligence just to 5 weeks of vegan diet and it took her 4 months to come back to her normal.

Rosie doesn’t drink, doesn’t exercise and doesn’t talk much; she is extremely fit and healthy and she attributes her health and fitness to not drinking, not exercising and not talking much. Rosie sells virtual reality headsets online and she made more money selling the same than anything else that she ever did online. She sold these virtual reality headsets like hot cakes back in 2017.

Rosie hates fat people and she cannot get enough of flaunting her hot body. She wears the shortest shorts available in the market and also her t shirt needs to be tight and V enough to ensure her cleavage and assets are visible.

Rosie loves to gamble online and she wins 71 out of 100 bets on an average. She has been quite lucky with the FIFA55 games and that’s the reason why she reads FIFA55 blogs like pneumatic group so avidly.

Theater artist and aspiring Hollywood actress loves betting on Thai gambling websites

Bunah Baudin (name changed) is a Jewellery designer by profession who loves to play chess, billiards & snooker. Bunah is not a stunner but she wants to act in Hollywood movies desperately. She has already worked in theaters. She wants to act as a comedian not a lead actress.

Bunah is a great admirer of the green revolution and she sends 1000 USD to an Indian NGO each year to eradicate poverty in India.

Bunah believes that she knows all the important facts that she needs to know about the United States and the world.

Bunah’s grandfather owned one of the most prominent baseball bat manufacturing company which was a very popular brand of the day, guys used to flaunt their grandfather’s factory made baseball bats.

Bunah believes that the devaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar is a part of a major international conspiracy.

Bunah’s mother used to be a popular athlete and she won a gold and 2 silver medals in commonwealth games. The only things that gave happiness to Bunah’s mother were success, achievement and big dreams.

Bunah learnt Jewellery designing from one of the leading colleges of the United States. They teach jewellery designing with Apple and Mac platforms. They have a great infrastructure and they even offered Bunah recruitment because she had always been a marvelous student.

Bunah goes on a bicycle ride everyday for 45 minutes, that’s the only exercise she performs and she is in a perfect shape. Very few people believe her when she tells them that cycling for 45 minutes a day is the only exercise that she does. Many of her friends and relatives have started cycling everyday getting inspired by her.

Bunah is a betting enthusiast and she loves Thai betting websites, particularly the FIFA55 ones. She also reads gambling blogs regularly, her favorite is jump in hostel.

Testosterone crazy shameless dude makes full time living with gambling

Freida Boivin (name changed) claims that almonds are turning her into a genius she never knew she was before. Freida used to be a celebrity gossip addict but now she gets pissed off after hearing their names as she now finds it dumb to care about people that she has nothing to do with. She also thinks that all the celebrity news are paid news that are created by the celebrities’ PR company to keep them in limelight.

Freida used to avoid everything that contained caffeine until a couple of months ago, then one day she was extremely tired and decided to make herself a cup of coffee for the last time in her life. Once she drank half of that cup, she started feeling so energetic, mentally clear, calmer, more alert and the thoughts that were bothering her stopped bothering her. Since that day Freida has been drinking 4 cups of coffee a day and she never felt better, she is not willing to stop her coffee and caffeine habits anymore.

Freida’s brother Claude is on a carnivore diet. He eats nothing but meat and drinks nothing but water. He watches a lot of pornography believing that it raises testosterone levels if you watch porn and don’t touch yourself. He is in a constant state of arousal all the time and the guy is so shameless that he wouldn’t care if anyone is around, he just has that pornography on all the time. Freida hesitates to get around this weird brother of her fearing that he might jump on her.

Anyways, this weird brother of Freida – Claude doesn’t go to work, he gambles full-time online and wins almost 7 out of 10 bets and that’s how he makes a living. He is also a very active reader of gambling related blogs like gbfarmequipment.

Religions and Zodiac signs basher loves to gamble online twice a month

Miguel Katzen (name changed) loves to study Anglo-Saxon religions and is a pro at it. The religion that ever appealed most to Miguel is the Old-Norse religion. Miguel loves Jesus but hates Christianity.

Miguel laughs his ass off at the Wicca followers and their esbats. Miguel gets pissed off when someone asks him his zodiac sign which is Taurus. “It is like they can tell my past, present and future just by knowing my zodiac sign. It is foolish to be honest”, says Miguel. Like Wicca, Miguel considers Zodiac signs to be nothing but a crock.

Miguel says that the bible can be interpreted in multiple different ways and the Pope and his stooges always interpret the same in a way that is most beneficial to them politically and financially. Miguel laughs his off at the people using bible as a moral guide. This is what Miguel told me when I asked him “why cannot bible be a moral guide?”. Miguel – “Morals are all changeable and they have always been that, if you use bible which is unchangeable, there is no way that you can keep up with the morals of the society and changing times.”

Miguel makes no distinction between satanism and Christianity. Both are evil, according to Miguel. Miguel says “Satanism is just a bit more evil than the Christianity but offers a lot more freedom. Might does not make one right and suppose if I make a sentient being, it doesn’t give me a right to hurt that person for silly mistakes each time and every time and that too so badly.”

Every alternative Saturday, Miguel bets at least for a couple of hours on FIFA55 and luckily wins more than he loses each time. He attributes his gambling success to not believing in god and always staying updated with the ganbanyokuma blog.

Wannabe Super Saiyan Ambitious 27 year young man keeps betting and winning

Kelvin Dumont (name changed) has become obsessed with Super Saiyan since the day he saw him. He just wants to be like Super Saiyan and he has been trying his best to reach his full potential so that he can earn more money, enjoy his favorite hobbies including car racing and horse riding and pursue hobbies that he never got involved in, like flying and driving boats. Kelvin is 27 now and he wants to own his own plane and a boat by the time he is 31.

Kelvin has given up several of his bad addictions including smoking, drinking alcohol and partying on the weekends with his friends. He has also given up chasing girls and asking them their numbers. He is a very active member of the r/quitsmoking and r/stopdrinking subreddits. He was once even called the lifeblood of r/quitsmoking by the creator of the r/quitsmoking himself. It has been 231 days since Kelvin last smoked a cigarette. For a long time he kept believing that nicotine-free herbal cigarettes were harmful but he was wrong and he finally realized it himself without anyone telling him.

Kelvin says that the longer you go without smoking, the easier it becomes. He is confident that he will never smoke that cancer called cigarette again. Kelvin even tried water fasting for 4 days but he couldn’t think creatively at all within those 4 days and felt very weak all the time.

Kelvin has a very sharp mind and he knows it but he says that it is not sharp enough to achieve his goals. Sky is the limit for Kelvin and it shows when he keeps winning tens of thousands of dollars betting on FIFA55 and acts like it is nothing. One of Kelvin’s favorite hobbies is reading and that’s when he discovered FIFA55, he typed fix it center randomly on google to see what comes up and discovered a goldmine.

Harvard educated multimillionaire woman hopes to win billions one day with FIFA55

Lieba Charron (name changed) is a highly experienced, Harvard educated lady who goes above and beyond the traditional ways of doing the business.

Lieba’s half-siblings have been accusing her of being very arrogant since her business has taken off. Lieba is only 29 and already a multi-millionaire and her half-siblings haven’t been able to digest it yet.

Lieba’s latest business is a car modification business specialized at modifying SUVs and Pick-up trucks. They post the before and after pictures of the vehicles that come for modification to their venue regulary on the social media and their website. Vehicles modified by Lieba’s company look even better in reality than in pictures. Lieba’s car modification business is living up to its reputation of being a one-stop-shop for all SUV and pick-up truck modification needs.

Lieba is a great fan of Peter Drucker and calls him the most phenomenal man ever. She is a great believer of his popular statement “If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.”

Lieba is amazed at how the novels written by Man Booker Prize winners sell like hot cakes in the market. Lieba believes that Man Booker Prizes are a part of fake propaganda and agenda.

Lieba wants to enter the telecommunication industry so badly but doesn’t have the money or the experience required. Her first and the last hero is Carlos Slim. She admires Mr Slim more than anyone else.

If Lieba ever launches a telecommunication service, it would offer a wide range of services including landline, mobile, broadband services.

Lieba has been gambling on different FIFAA55 websites for the past few months in a hope that someday she will win billions of USD and fulfill her dream of starting a telecommunication company. She also keep sending donations to the admin of domaine des ormes for enlightening people with the path of online gambling.

Massachusetts girl caught fake lawyer who was spending tons of that FIFA55 money on her

Malka Charron (name changed) is a Massachusetts girl who recently got a proposal from the owner of the restaurant that she used to frequent everyday. This man told Malka that he is a lawyer by profession and son of one of the most prominent doctors in all of Massachusetts. Malka knew that he was lying. She is a really smart woman. She knew that he is a not a lawyer so she decided to take him for a long ride. She would ask him to meet her at some of the most expensive restaurants in Massachusetts, mostly in 5 star hotels and this fake lawyer would pay all the bills. Once she asked him to take her to a vacation to Greece and he did. They were there in Greece for 7 days where Malka wouldn’t even let him touch her and they stayed in separate rooms.

Malka then one day asked him to show her his degree the next time they meet. He brought a fake degree along with him the next time they met which Malka recognized and then pretended like she thinks it is real. Malka would enjoy free meals at his restaurant almost everyday and ask him to pay half of her bills which he did. Then one day, Malka demanded him to show his father’s medical degree which he failed to show. Then Malka said that you are a liar and I don’t want anything to do with a liar, goodbye liar lawyer. After that, she successfully cut all the connections with him. What Malka had already discovered was that this guy was making plenty of money winning bets after bets at a FIFA55 online gambling website. Malka did her homework and discovered some of the top blogs that cover details about the top winners and losers of FIFA55 including domain edesormes.

Nina Bronski is unable to get angry since she won those 350, 000 USD

When Nina Bronski (name changed) called off carpenter to repair her furniture last week after looking them in an online directory, she had no idea that these guys with wonderful advertisements and reviews on the internet are newbies. These guys came on time to Nina’s house and once they reached there, they ended up destroying more furniture of Nina than they repaired with their silly mistakes.

When they were about to leave, they begged Nina to not write a negative review on their profiles and Nina did not write one. This wouldn’t have been the case if it did happen 3 months ago. Nina would have asked them to repair everything for free if they didn’t want her to write a negative review and also she would have shouted and screamed at them like crazy and perhaps even physically assaulted them but none of that happened this time; Nina was too happy to do any of that anytime. Nina won 350, 000 USD betting on FIFA55 online which she learnt about from do jo.

Nina’s favorite song is ‘Rhythm of the Night by Corona’ and you could hear it buzzing all the time in Nina’s house all the time since she won those 350, 000.

Nina likes to buy and wear men’s shirts for herself. She is not a lesbian, bisexual or this is not some sort of fetish thing but she just likes men’s clothing more than that of the women’s. Nina is totally her own person and she doesn’t care whether other laugh at her behind her back for this.

During her childhood and early teenage years, Nina used to get envious of her friends because most of her friends had very friendly parents and Nina did not but now she rejoices that fact because it made her a lot stronger than most of her friends emotionally and psychologically. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger indeed!

Indian-American modeling agency owner hates India and loves gambling

Srilekha Volva (name changed) claims that Ford are still the best cars, they are just the victims of the negative marketing by Japanese and Korean car companies, primarily Honda, Toyota and Hyundai.

During the 2009 recession period, Srilekha lost almost half of the money she had invested in the stock market. She sold all the stocks immediately at half the price that she bought them for and started working at a nearby Kmart until she started her own modeling agency.

Srilekha is half-Indian and she keeps doing a lot of research on Indian races, tribes, traditions and culture. She claims the popular belief that Bhatia people are Jatts is wrong. Many think that Bhatia people are Khatris. According to Srilekha, the Bhatia people are a Gurjar clan who at once ruled a large part of the current day Pakistani Punjab.

Recently, she made a trip to New Delhi, India to mourn for a relative. They celebrate a feast in India on the 13th day after the death of a person which they call Kriyakaram, it is a lot like the Jewish Passover.

She also met and interview many Naga Babas in Haridwar who were all high on opium when she met them without exception.

Srilekha’s mom – Chadraroopa was sexually abused at a young age by a couple of relatives and since then she had a chip on her shoulder to never be nice to an Indian and the day she became an adult, she started planning to move to the US forever and never come back which she successfully did.

Chandraroopa is not anymore but her daughter is living and loving the American dream. After going to India, Srilekha discovered that her mother was right in everything that she said about India.

Chandraroopa loved to play rummy with her friends, Srilekha is not that much social and she prefers to gamble online and her favorite game is FIFA55 which she discovered through daily 10 online blog.

Haryanvi Indian woman cannot get enough of playing FIFA55

Suhasini Dabas (name changed) is an Indian Jaat woman who moved to the United States at a young age. Suhasini was born to an introvert coal-miner in Hisar, Haryana. Suhasini had an uncle who moved to the US at the age of 22. Suhasini’s father wanted to move to the United States himself when he was young but lost hope of moving there himself when he turned 42, he kept the hope alive for his one and only daughter Suhasini though. Suhasini was always great at studies, the school she studied at in Haryana, India has an excellent track record of scholarships. They sent Suhasini to Kansas, United States on Student Visa to study there.

After moving to the United States, Suhasini didn’t feel very comfortable initially being from a poor circle of India. She didn’t have the etiquette and manners of those US people. She met an Indian guy in her college who too was struggling to fit in the American circle, his name is Pramod. Pramod and Suhasini fell in love as they got to know each other more.

After completing their education, they both got the job offers in America itself and decided to stay in America. The family of both were happy with their decision to stay in the United States and a couple months later of getting jobs, they decided to marry each other and the family of both were happy with their decision as well.

Suhasini never gambled while she still lived in India and in her college days but recently she got herself addicted to online gambling and the main cause of her addiction is her ability to double the salary that she gets each month. She has been especially lucky with FIFA55 which she discovered just 3 weeks ago. She has tripled the money she invested initially successfully with its help within these 3 weeks. She got to know about FIFA55 after reading an article on alovietpinless.