Theater artist and aspiring Hollywood actress loves betting on Thai gambling websites

Bunah Baudin (name changed) is a Jewellery designer by profession who loves to play chess, billiards & snooker. Bunah is not a stunner but she wants to act in Hollywood movies desperately. She has already worked in theaters. She wants to act as a comedian not a lead actress.

Bunah is a great admirer of the green revolution and she sends 1000 USD to an Indian NGO each year to eradicate poverty in India.

Bunah believes that she knows all the important facts that she needs to know about the United States and the world.

Bunah’s grandfather owned one of the most prominent baseball bat manufacturing company which was a very popular brand of the day, guys used to flaunt their grandfather’s factory made baseball bats.

Bunah believes that the devaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar is a part of a major international conspiracy.

Bunah’s mother used to be a popular athlete and she won a gold and 2 silver medals in commonwealth games. The only things that gave happiness to Bunah’s mother were success, achievement and big dreams.

Bunah learnt Jewellery designing from one of the leading colleges of the United States. They teach jewellery designing with Apple and Mac platforms. They have a great infrastructure and they even offered Bunah recruitment because she had always been a marvelous student.

Bunah goes on a bicycle ride everyday for 45 minutes, that’s the only exercise she performs and she is in a perfect shape. Very few people believe her when she tells them that cycling for 45 minutes a day is the only exercise that she does. Many of her friends and relatives have started cycling everyday getting inspired by her.

Bunah is a betting enthusiast and she loves Thai betting websites, particularly the FIFA55 ones. She also reads gambling blogs regularly, her favorite is jump in hostel.

Testosterone crazy shameless dude makes full time living with gambling

Freida Boivin (name changed) claims that almonds are turning her into a genius she never knew she was before. Freida used to be a celebrity gossip addict but now she gets pissed off after hearing their names as she now finds it dumb to care about people that she has nothing to do with. She also thinks that all the celebrity news are paid news that are created by the celebrities’ PR company to keep them in limelight.

Freida used to avoid everything that contained caffeine until a couple of months ago, then one day she was extremely tired and decided to make herself a cup of coffee for the last time in her life. Once she drank half of that cup, she started feeling so energetic, mentally clear, calmer, more alert and the thoughts that were bothering her stopped bothering her. Since that day Freida has been drinking 4 cups of coffee a day and she never felt better, she is not willing to stop her coffee and caffeine habits anymore.

Freida’s brother Claude is on a carnivore diet. He eats nothing but meat and drinks nothing but water. He watches a lot of pornography believing that it raises testosterone levels if you watch porn and don’t touch yourself. He is in a constant state of arousal all the time and the guy is so shameless that he wouldn’t care if anyone is around, he just has that pornography on all the time. Freida hesitates to get around this weird brother of her fearing that he might jump on her.

Anyways, this weird brother of Freida – Claude doesn’t go to work, he gambles full-time online and wins almost 7 out of 10 bets and that’s how he makes a living. He is also a very active reader of gambling related blogs like gbfarmequipment.

Religions and Zodiac signs basher loves to gamble online twice a month

Miguel Katzen (name changed) loves to study Anglo-Saxon religions and is a pro at it. The religion that ever appealed most to Miguel is the Old-Norse religion. Miguel loves Jesus but hates Christianity.

Miguel laughs his ass off at the Wicca followers and their esbats. Miguel gets pissed off when someone asks him his zodiac sign which is Taurus. “It is like they can tell my past, present and future just by knowing my zodiac sign. It is foolish to be honest”, says Miguel. Like Wicca, Miguel considers Zodiac signs to be nothing but a crock.

Miguel says that the bible can be interpreted in multiple different ways and the Pope and his stooges always interpret the same in a way that is most beneficial to them politically and financially. Miguel laughs his off at the people using bible as a moral guide. This is what Miguel told me when I asked him “why cannot bible be a moral guide?”. Miguel – “Morals are all changeable and they have always been that, if you use bible which is unchangeable, there is no way that you can keep up with the morals of the society and changing times.”

Miguel makes no distinction between satanism and Christianity. Both are evil, according to Miguel. Miguel says “Satanism is just a bit more evil than the Christianity but offers a lot more freedom. Might does not make one right and suppose if I make a sentient being, it doesn’t give me a right to hurt that person for silly mistakes each time and every time and that too so badly.”

Every alternative Saturday, Miguel bets at least for a couple of hours on FIFA55 and luckily wins more than he loses each time. He attributes his gambling success to not believing in god and always staying updated with the ganbanyokuma blog.

Wannabe Super Saiyan Ambitious 27 year young man keeps betting and winning

Kelvin Dumont (name changed) has become obsessed with Super Saiyan since the day he saw him. He just wants to be like Super Saiyan and he has been trying his best to reach his full potential so that he can earn more money, enjoy his favorite hobbies including car racing and horse riding and pursue hobbies that he never got involved in, like flying and driving boats. Kelvin is 27 now and he wants to own his own plane and a boat by the time he is 31.

Kelvin has given up several of his bad addictions including smoking, drinking alcohol and partying on the weekends with his friends. He has also given up chasing girls and asking them their numbers. He is a very active member of the r/quitsmoking and r/stopdrinking subreddits. He was once even called the lifeblood of r/quitsmoking by the creator of the r/quitsmoking himself. It has been 231 days since Kelvin last smoked a cigarette. For a long time he kept believing that nicotine-free herbal cigarettes were harmful but he was wrong and he finally realized it himself without anyone telling him.

Kelvin says that the longer you go without smoking, the easier it becomes. He is confident that he will never smoke that cancer called cigarette again. Kelvin even tried water fasting for 4 days but he couldn’t think creatively at all within those 4 days and felt very weak all the time.

Kelvin has a very sharp mind and he knows it but he says that it is not sharp enough to achieve his goals. Sky is the limit for Kelvin and it shows when he keeps winning tens of thousands of dollars betting on FIFA55 and acts like it is nothing. One of Kelvin’s favorite hobbies is reading and that’s when he discovered FIFA55, he typed fix it center randomly on google to see what comes up and discovered a goldmine.

Harvard educated multimillionaire woman hopes to win billions one day with FIFA55

Lieba Charron (name changed) is a highly experienced, Harvard educated lady who goes above and beyond the traditional ways of doing the business.

Lieba’s half-siblings have been accusing her of being very arrogant since her business has taken off. Lieba is only 29 and already a multi-millionaire and her half-siblings haven’t been able to digest it yet.

Lieba’s latest business is a car modification business specialized at modifying SUVs and Pick-up trucks. They post the before and after pictures of the vehicles that come for modification to their venue regulary on the social media and their website. Vehicles modified by Lieba’s company look even better in reality than in pictures. Lieba’s car modification business is living up to its reputation of being a one-stop-shop for all SUV and pick-up truck modification needs.

Lieba is a great fan of Peter Drucker and calls him the most phenomenal man ever. She is a great believer of his popular statement “If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.”

Lieba is amazed at how the novels written by Man Booker Prize winners sell like hot cakes in the market. Lieba believes that Man Booker Prizes are a part of fake propaganda and agenda.

Lieba wants to enter the telecommunication industry so badly but doesn’t have the money or the experience required. Her first and the last hero is Carlos Slim. She admires Mr Slim more than anyone else.

If Lieba ever launches a telecommunication service, it would offer a wide range of services including landline, mobile, broadband services.

Lieba has been gambling on different FIFAA55 websites for the past few months in a hope that someday she will win billions of USD and fulfill her dream of starting a telecommunication company. She also keep sending donations to the admin of domaine des ormes for enlightening people with the path of online gambling.

Massachusetts girl caught fake lawyer who was spending tons of that FIFA55 money on her

Malka Charron (name changed) is a Massachusetts girl who recently got a proposal from the owner of the restaurant that she used to frequent everyday. This man told Malka that he is a lawyer by profession and son of one of the most prominent doctors in all of Massachusetts. Malka knew that he was lying. She is a really smart woman. She knew that he is a not a lawyer so she decided to take him for a long ride. She would ask him to meet her at some of the most expensive restaurants in Massachusetts, mostly in 5 star hotels and this fake lawyer would pay all the bills. Once she asked him to take her to a vacation to Greece and he did. They were there in Greece for 7 days where Malka wouldn’t even let him touch her and they stayed in separate rooms.

Malka then one day asked him to show her his degree the next time they meet. He brought a fake degree along with him the next time they met which Malka recognized and then pretended like she thinks it is real. Malka would enjoy free meals at his restaurant almost everyday and ask him to pay half of her bills which he did. Then one day, Malka demanded him to show his father’s medical degree which he failed to show. Then Malka said that you are a liar and I don’t want anything to do with a liar, goodbye liar lawyer. After that, she successfully cut all the connections with him. What Malka had already discovered was that this guy was making plenty of money winning bets after bets at a FIFA55 online gambling website. Malka did her homework and discovered some of the top blogs that cover details about the top winners and losers of FIFA55 including domain edesormes.

Nina Bronski is unable to get angry since she won those 350, 000 USD

When Nina Bronski (name changed) called off carpenter to repair her furniture last week after looking them in an online directory, she had no idea that these guys with wonderful advertisements and reviews on the internet are newbies. These guys came on time to Nina’s house and once they reached there, they ended up destroying more furniture of Nina than they repaired with their silly mistakes.

When they were about to leave, they begged Nina to not write a negative review on their profiles and Nina did not write one. This wouldn’t have been the case if it did happen 3 months ago. Nina would have asked them to repair everything for free if they didn’t want her to write a negative review and also she would have shouted and screamed at them like crazy and perhaps even physically assaulted them but none of that happened this time; Nina was too happy to do any of that anytime. Nina won 350, 000 USD betting on FIFA55 online which she learnt about from do jo.

Nina’s favorite song is ‘Rhythm of the Night by Corona’ and you could hear it buzzing all the time in Nina’s house all the time since she won those 350, 000.

Nina likes to buy and wear men’s shirts for herself. She is not a lesbian, bisexual or this is not some sort of fetish thing but she just likes men’s clothing more than that of the women’s. Nina is totally her own person and she doesn’t care whether other laugh at her behind her back for this.

During her childhood and early teenage years, Nina used to get envious of her friends because most of her friends had very friendly parents and Nina did not but now she rejoices that fact because it made her a lot stronger than most of her friends emotionally and psychologically. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger indeed!

Indian-American modeling agency owner hates India and loves gambling

Srilekha Volva (name changed) claims that Ford are still the best cars, they are just the victims of the negative marketing by Japanese and Korean car companies, primarily Honda, Toyota and Hyundai.

During the 2009 recession period, Srilekha lost almost half of the money she had invested in the stock market. She sold all the stocks immediately at half the price that she bought them for and started working at a nearby Kmart until she started her own modeling agency.

Srilekha is half-Indian and she keeps doing a lot of research on Indian races, tribes, traditions and culture. She claims the popular belief that Bhatia people are Jatts is wrong. Many think that Bhatia people are Khatris. According to Srilekha, the Bhatia people are a Gurjar clan who at once ruled a large part of the current day Pakistani Punjab.

Recently, she made a trip to New Delhi, India to mourn for a relative. They celebrate a feast in India on the 13th day after the death of a person which they call Kriyakaram, it is a lot like the Jewish Passover.

She also met and interview many Naga Babas in Haridwar who were all high on opium when she met them without exception.

Srilekha’s mom – Chadraroopa was sexually abused at a young age by a couple of relatives and since then she had a chip on her shoulder to never be nice to an Indian and the day she became an adult, she started planning to move to the US forever and never come back which she successfully did.

Chandraroopa is not anymore but her daughter is living and loving the American dream. After going to India, Srilekha discovered that her mother was right in everything that she said about India.

Chandraroopa loved to play rummy with her friends, Srilekha is not that much social and she prefers to gamble online and her favorite game is FIFA55 which she discovered through daily 10 online blog.

Haryanvi Indian woman cannot get enough of playing FIFA55

Suhasini Dabas (name changed) is an Indian Jaat woman who moved to the United States at a young age. Suhasini was born to an introvert coal-miner in Hisar, Haryana. Suhasini had an uncle who moved to the US at the age of 22. Suhasini’s father wanted to move to the United States himself when he was young but lost hope of moving there himself when he turned 42, he kept the hope alive for his one and only daughter Suhasini though. Suhasini was always great at studies, the school she studied at in Haryana, India has an excellent track record of scholarships. They sent Suhasini to Kansas, United States on Student Visa to study there.

After moving to the United States, Suhasini didn’t feel very comfortable initially being from a poor circle of India. She didn’t have the etiquette and manners of those US people. She met an Indian guy in her college who too was struggling to fit in the American circle, his name is Pramod. Pramod and Suhasini fell in love as they got to know each other more.

After completing their education, they both got the job offers in America itself and decided to stay in America. The family of both were happy with their decision to stay in the United States and a couple months later of getting jobs, they decided to marry each other and the family of both were happy with their decision as well.

Suhasini never gambled while she still lived in India and in her college days but recently she got herself addicted to online gambling and the main cause of her addiction is her ability to double the salary that she gets each month. She has been especially lucky with FIFA55 which she discovered just 3 weeks ago. She has tripled the money she invested initially successfully with its help within these 3 weeks. She got to know about FIFA55 after reading an article on alovietpinless.

Talk less listen more, bet more win more

Yochanan Kane (name changed) has a habit of less talking and more listening. He is an enigma for sure.

Yochanan is 24, he is a huge proponent of the NoFap lifestyle and he is a member on hundreds of chatrooms and other NoFap support groups. Many of these groups go with the names celibacy, semen retention, chastity, etc.

Yochanan is definitely courageous, confident and committed with a natural flair for aggression which many hate. Yochanan is one of a kind with friends from almost all sort of different backgrounds and from different racial groups. Many young teenagers wish to be like Yochanan.

Yochanan has been making big gains in the gym for the past 18 months, especially the last 6 months, his business is growing fast and big. He is confidence in himself and attributes a lot of this confidence to meditation. He runs a location independent business so whenever he meets a lady, he has high expectations and standards. He can see the path he is on and wants a lady who is on the same path as well – so whenever he meets a girl that’s settling herself, she has given up on her dreams and goals, or she doesn’t have any herself, it’s unattractive. Maybe I am not able to describe the situation of Yochanan in words here.

Yochanan thinks that settling is another word for the expression: ‘Let’s fail together, and pretend everything is okay, people will look good on us.’

Yochanan loves to play football and almost everything related to it, be it gambling or video games, Yochanan recently won 140, 000 USD betting on a  Fifa 55 Gambling website that goes by the name air force. He also made a post about it on a NoFap related online forum.

Exceptionally smart couple has a hobby of playing Fifa 55 on 2khtarekhorshid

Adam Rappaport (name changed) is a gentleman who is very well-aware of himself, others, and his surroundings, he thinks it is a very rare attribute that very few possess. Adam’s wife Elisha finds him very sexy and sweet for this attribute and her search for the perfect man really stopped when she discovered Adam at a Starbucks cafe where they were both very frequent. Elisha used to be very stressed because she wasn’t able to find someone throughout her 25 years of life whom she could think of as someone eligible for her. After meeting Adam, Elisha dated some other men too but it was always Adam who kept popping to the top of her list.

Adam is respectful, squeaky clean and well-groomed, defined gentleman who is easy to be with and that’s what Elisha loves him so much for. Elisha herself is quite graceful with a magnetic charisma. She has an athletic figure, a very high libido and is always excited for some fun with Adam.

Adam and Elisha have such a great chemistry that they speak every thought that come into their mind, lost in each other’s arms, lost in words, they don’t notice down had the Saturday night flown. They make love only once in a week and that is every Saturday but when they do, it is something so hot that you can’t even imagine. They both satisfy each other fully. Some Saturdays Adam splash Elisha 6 times in a night with respect and being a gentleman.

Adam leaves Elisha breathless each time and makes sure that she has been transported to the universal joy.

Elisha’s favorite hobby is playing Fifa 55 gambling on 2khtarekhorshid.

Wants to achieve his dream of becoming a multi-millionaire with poker


Kara Jennovich (name changed) is a Russian woman who has been the best friend of her Indonesian husband Ketut Iskandar (name changed) for over last 2 decades. Yes, they are husband and wife and best friends at the same time. It is amazing how well their chemistry has been going for over past 2 decades although they both are from totally different cultures, ethnicity, nations, educational backgrounds, financial backgrounds. They never had any sort of a bad phase in between this 20 year period.

Once Kara’s brother was detained at the Jakarta airport for nothing and Ketut did his best to get him released immediately. When swine flu was rampant in Indonesia, Ketut did his best to make sure that nobody in his family catches it.

Ketut never wanted to go to college and he was forced into it. He wanted to make a lot of money after completing his high school and become a multi-millionaire by the time his friends complete their college education but that didn’t happen.

Ketut’s best friend who was completely out of control committed suicide this year by hanging himself and Ketut instead of feeling bad and sad was happy and he doesn’t even know why.

Ketut has been playing on his favorite poker website (situs poker) for the past couple of years in a hope to get lucky one day and fulfill his dream of becoming a multi-millionaire. He has been winning most of the times but he still is far from becoming a millionaire in US Dollars let alone a multi-millionaire.

Looking at Ketut’s determination, I am certain that he will be a multi-millionaire soon enough because he has been really pushing it hard. I am not certain as to how he will do it but he will do it.

Inaugurated the only luxury watch retail store in a plush neighborhood

Dian Fangestu (name changed) enjoys romantic evenings, hot passionate rendezvous, friendship, traveling and sensual massages.

Dian believes that your future intention determines your present action.

Dian has a very helping nature, a friend just needs to call him when he is in a need of his help and Dian will be there in a jiffy.

Dian’s wife Christine is charming, easy in dialogue, temperamental, skilled with leadership and a sense of humor.

Dian and Christine love to have a role-play session in the night.

Dian was raised up by a nagging mother who would nag him for everything possible and she would do it like you have never seen. She was a real manipulator of human emotions. She would never comprehend the psychological and emotional pain her nagging caused to Dian or anybody else.

Dian’s father was physically violent and he sometimes would beat Dian so hard that Dian will end up having bruises all over his body.

Dian in his childhood and early teen years was very hard to deal with and resentful because of how his parents treated him. He even ran away from home a couple of times.

Dian and Christine have a common friend named Rachel Moore (name changed) who recently inaugurated her own luxury watch retail store. Hers is the only genuine luxury watch retail store in the neighborhood. Rachel’s store is all the way to go. The employees provide discrete and reliable assistance and they always help you select the best within your budget. Rachel used to be broke till about a year ago but the lady always had a great willpower and with her willpower and determination, she really discovered a fast money making secret called Fifa55 gambling. She plays Fifa55 gambling all day all night long on ymlp307 and invest that money in new businesses.

Used to take bus to the workplace, now drives a Porsche GT3 RS

Peter Yancy (name changed) created a detailed profile of himself on a matrimony website just 2 days ago. Peter has an elder sister who sells witchcraft services on Fiverr. This sister of Peter has been dressing as a Halloween on each birthday of hers for the past 19 years.

Peter is looking to buy a super car and he doesn’t rely too much on the experiences and reviews he reads on the forums, Youtube videos and comments. He is most after the Porsche GT3 RS. The same Mr Peter Yancy used to use buses to go from one place to another. Playing judi bola completely transformed Mr Peter Yancy’s life overnight. He won 2.23 million US dollar as the prize money and he is living the life he only dreamed of before. He gives big tips to the waiters of the finest restaurants he now goes to. Peter’s lifestyle is subject to be changed sooner or later if he keeps spending all the money on restaurants, cars and clothes.

Peter was always very self-confident. He is also too confident about an act for which he needs to take the permission before. He wants to tap the phone of his future wife before they get married. He doesn’t know that it is illegal. Those millions have done something to him.

One of Peter’s best friends recommended to him to be harsh and tough to the car salesman before buying the car and he also advised him to ask too many questions to his future bride and get to know very well about her background. With all the over-confidence that Peter has gained lately with the winning amount, I am certain that he will do as his friend suggested to him.

Ex-model from India used to struggle for money unless she discovered the game of togel

Samiah Pujara (name changed) is an ex-model from India currently living in Singapore. Samiah met a rich heir from Singapore during her modeling days whom she decided to marry after dating for a couple of years. After 3 years of marriage, they divorced and since then Samiah had been struggling to make a living. She did all sorts of odd-jobs like being a waitress, personal assistant, secretary, etc.

Samiah is a great believer of Hinduism and some of their odd rituals. She used to apply turmeric powder on her skin to awaken her third eye. It has been almost two decades since Samiah got divorced and they are right when they say that the life goes on by the speed of sound. Samiah doesn’t need to work at odd jobs anymore, no Samiah didn’t get married to a rich heir again. By accident, Samiah discovered a secret money making method that goes by the name Togel Online Singapore.

Samiah never believed that mere attention is love. When Samiah was married, she always felt superior to her spouse but never let him know that. She always did her best to save their marriage.

Samiah has always been happy, optimistic and going somewhere in life. When she worked as a waitress and a personal secretary, she didn’t make money but earned a lot of experience. Samiah is a huge believer of the philosophy of “garbage-in garbage-out and good-in good-out”.

One of the sad facts of life is that you don’t always get what you desire at the time you desire it. When Samiah was young, she couldn’t accept the life as it was but now when she has gained so much of experience and become so strong with time, she just does her best and doesn’t care much about the results.